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Yukkura special project


  • Koshinji no Yu Yukkura's efforts, Yukkura cooperation from customers

    At this facility, you can rest assured that you can stay with us.We are making the following efforts.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    ・After taking preventive measures such as avoiding face-to-face contact at check-in, we carry out temperature measurement and identity verification for all customers.
    ・If you have a fever or have a cold, we will ask the public health center for instructions, including on weekends, and take appropriate measures.
    ・Regarding the use of shared facilities such as baths and restaurants, we will set a limit on the number of people and a time limit, and thoroughly implement 3 measures against congestion.
    ・We will provide individual meals, share by employees, or prepare individual customer-specific tongs and chopsticks.
  • Izumi use / restaurant business hours

    【Business day】
    Open all year round
    *However, this excludes temporary closure due to maintenance, etc.
     (In case of temporary closure, we will inform you on blogs and announcements.)

    【Izumi reception】
    From 9:00 to 21:00

    【Spring fee】
    1,050 yen from 9:00 to 15:00(Bath towel / face towel rental service included)
    740 yen from 15:00 to 21:00(No bath towel / face towel rental service)
    Face towel sale / bath towel rental 100 yen (At the front desk reception)

    Order stop from 11:00 20:00 (Break time from 15:00 to 16:00)

  • About free shuttle bus

    The free shuttle bus is closed.(As of 2021.3.1.)

    The accommodation course (departing from the north exit at 13:20) is only available for reservations by guests.(Please consult and make a reservation when making a reservation)

GoTo Travel Campaign Information *

  • *Currently not available as the campaign is suspended

    You can make a reservation for use from the following.

    From the accommodation reservation site

    A Rakuten Travel(GOTO travel coupon acquisition page)

    B Rakuten Travel(Koshinji no Yu Yukkura)

    C Jalan net(Koshinji no Yu Yukkura)

    Accommodation reservation site related links ↓

Koshinji Temple

  • Koshinji Temple Zazen Association

    Koshinji Temple(Yukkura ’s a temple next to Yukkura.)

    April 23 (Friday) from 11:00 am

    No application required, no entry fee.
    Chairs will be provided for people with disabilities.
    After zazen, it's time to talk with Osho over a cup of tea.

Koshinji Temple


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Hotel Name



58-1 Mitsunobu, Jinsekikogen Town, Jinseki County, Hiroshima Prefecture

Telephone number



1 hour by car from JR Fukuyama Station, 50 minutes by car from Fukuyama Higashi IC on the Sanyo Expressway
30 minutes from Sera IC on the Onomichi Expressway

Transfer available
There is a free shuttle bus from the north exit of JR Fukuyama Station.

Morning flights (departing from the north exit at 9:00) are not operating(2021.2.7. Present)
Afternoon flights (departing from the north exit at 13:20) will be operated only for hotel guests.
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Reservations and inquiries

Please contact us if you have any questions.


From 9:00 to 21:00