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"Treat local ingredients! "

A wide range of menus using seasonal ingredients, such as the adjacent Koshinji Temple Farm, locally grown vegetables and eggs, and fresh small fish from the Seto Inland Sea, can be enjoyed by children and the elderly.
The banquet halls are also enriched, so please feel free to contact us for reunions, welcome and farewell parties, social gatherings, various banquets, memorial services, etc.
  • Banquet dishes

    (↑Please select a sample photo.displayed large)

    The feast is lively and gorgeous with carefully selected ingredients.
    Reservations are required.
    Please contact us for details.

    *The contents may change depending on the season and purchase situation.
    • Kaiseki Meal

      Kaiseki Meal

      Menu changes depending on the season.
      Accommodation plan, banquet plan dishes.
      Period available:
      Reservations are required throughout the year.
  • Low dining table,Various set meals

    【Yakiniku Toban-yaki (grilled on a pottery) set meal】
    • Low dining table,Various set meals

      Restaurant menu

      In addition to this, we have a variety of dishes such as rice bowls, noodles, single dishes, and desserts.
      You can order after you see
      Period available:
      At the restaurant all year

Recommended dishes

"This is popular! Meal edition"
Introducing the popular menu and the staff's best products.
  • Takeaway Sukeroku set

    I started taking out at the restaurant.

    Order at the restaurant → Relax and relax → Yukkura at the restaurant

    Easy and popular, Sukeroku set
    580 yen.
  • Jinseki Kogen Town's proud Kuroge Wagyu beef!

    You can taste Shinseki beef!

    Jinseki Wagyu steak 120g 3,000 yen Half size 1,580 yen