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Things to do

"Relax, relax, and relax! "

You can spend it vaguely or embrace Satoyama.
Yukkura's enjoyment is not Yukkura to this facility, but is spread throughout the area.
Take a walk, take a bath, sleep around ....
Please spend a fulfilling time with your favorite way of spending.
  • By shuttle bus, to Yukkura *Currently dormant.

    • Be held in the pocket of nature! The time of healing begins.

      * Free shuttle bus is suspended(As of 2022.3.7)

      Fukuyama Station yellow bus is waiting at the bus stop at the north exit of Fukuyama Station.

      From Fukuyama, the "Kanbe, Ekiya, Shinichi course" for day trips runs for free every day.

      In addition, the "Kannabe, Kamo, Sanwa Course", which is a special overnight stay course operates from noon, operates completely free of charge by reservation.

      Both course come with benefits that allow you to easily enjoy the season from inside the car!
      The travel time is almost the same, so you can enjoy route selection according to the mood of the day.
    • Yukkura"Yukkura"!

      We arrived at “Yukkura” in Yukkura little Yukkura hour while getting a passenger at the stop on the way!
      When you get off the bus, you will be greeted by the fresh air of the mountains.

      Fresh vegetables picked locally at the entrance are welcomed.

      Jinseki Kogen Town the fertile land of Kamiishikogen Jinseki Kogen Town, enjoy vegetables, toys and pickles that have been grown in the sun.
      A nearby farmer will send you every morning.
  • Relax and soak in the bath!

    • Wide dressing room

      The dressing area is wide! High ceilings and spacious lockers provide ample space.
      Sleeping space with tatami mats! It is a good feeling to relax a little after taking a bath.
    • Utaseyu,Ne-yu,Whirlpool,Sauna and 9 other baths

      Inside the spacious bathroom, there are 9 types of baths, such as bath Utaseyu, Ne-yu bath, whirlpool, sauna.
      You can relax and spend a relaxing time.

      The open-air bath at the foot of the mountain is comfortable on the rocky surface, and abundant hot water gushes out.
      The sound of birds singing, the rubbing of leaves, and the flowing water.
      Natural healing that works on your five senses will relax your usual stress!
  • Taste locally produced ingredients!

    • One cup after the bath!  I do not collect!

      I received the most popular "Sanwa Gozen Set Meal (2,200 yen)".

      plan (2,600 yen) that comes with a bath is a great deal!
  • Spending time!

    • Massage chairs line the courtyard.

      You can use the massage chair while looking out at the courtyard after the bath.
      Making full use of the "artificial intelligence system", it will massage and relax according to the person's physique, stiffness and fatigue level.
    • The souvenir corner is full of popular specialties from local specialties!

    • Rest room on the second floor

      There are two rooms, a Japanese-style room where you can sleep around and a room with a reclining seat.
      A reclining seat is installed in a dark room where the light through the shoji screen is moderate.

  • For groups

    • Kaiseki example

      There is a great set plan.

    • Example of Kaiseki cuisine "Miyabi

      Group on a day trip

      ・For meetings of companies and various corporations, welcome and farewell parties, etc.
      ・For community gatherings (neighborhood associations, senior citizens associations, women's associations, etc.)
      ・For nostalgic gatherings such as alumni associations and OB meetings
      ・For gatherings of fun hobbies such as various classrooms and clubs

      You can enjoy a day banquet with bath and transfer.
    • A course surrounded by nature!

      For ground golf groups

      To play in the natural grass ground golf course of Yukkura site
      You can relax and soak in hot water, eat and have a friendship.
       You can spend with peace of mind with a transfer.
    • Example of small banquet hall (chair seat)

      For customers

      Sincerely for gatherings in memory of the deceased