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Healed by chiropractic

We adjust gap and distortion and raise body original function.
A skilled chiropractic doctor will perform the treatment appropriately according to each person's condition.
  • Chiropractic treatment

    Chiropractic technique that combines the techniques of Chiropractic with the basic techniques of Japanese martial arts, and also incorporates the Acupuncture Points Therapy Oriental Medicine.

    By holding the stiff muscles with your fingers to loosen them and promote blood circulation and correct the body's misalignment, nutrients and oxygen are distributed throughout the body, increasing self-healing power.

    Painful acupressure can be felt as the organs are stimulated and move actively.

    From 2,000 yen for 20 minutes
  • Qigong Chiropractic

    It is an operation based on the basic theory of Oriental Medicine that regulates the flow of life energy called "qi".

    It sends "ki" from the acupoints into the body, relaxes the muscles that support the skeleton of the whole body, corrects the strain, restores the irritable reactions and functional decline of the internal organs to normal, and activates the function of the autonomic nerve.

    Improve your poor physical condition by balancing your whole body.

    From 2,000 yen for 20 minutes
  • Massage machine

    Incorporating advanced technology
    A new type of massage chair.

    15 minutes 200 yen